Cancun, Mexico – Place to Remember!

238In April I had the opportunity to travel to Cancun, Mexico.  It is located on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mexican State of Quintana Roo. I had a few new clients who were looking to bring groups to Cancun.  As their meeting planner part of my job was to make sure that the destination would adequately meet all of their requirements. I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  New hotel brands in the area, like the Grand Residences by Royal Resorts, and recent renovations made my visit a real pleasure. The properties along what I refer to as hotel row have a good sense of security which is always important personally and for my groups.

099246Cancun is a gorgeous destination with stunning beaches, aqua blue water and lots of sunshine. I am partial to properties located on the Caribbean Sea.  Many groups especially those incentive ones would definitely fall in love with the destination. 

I left my office in California traveling on Aero Mexico Airlines. We connected through Mexico City and enjoyed on time, pleasant travels. Upon my arrival my pre-arranged ground transportation was awaiting. My driver knew which hotel I was staying which came in handy when I had to track down where I left my camera which managed to fall out of my tote bag. I notified the Concierge Desk and they immediately called the taxi service. I was so happy to have my camera returned.  You all know how distressing it is when something like this happens.  And, you always remember the photos that got away. This helped sell me on Cancun as a destination!


By: Lenise Fourcault


  1. It is a right trip for Minnesotans. Right now at the Twin Cities, it is freezing, windy, and chlliy, possibly sunny. I have not checked the temperature over there yet. I am just guessing. I am lucky enough to escape from the harsh winter for a break. We were offered a presidential suite at the Moon Palace for 100 weeks (one week per year, a life time membership) with a cost $44,000 in total. My sons and me liked it very much but my wife did not want to stick to this spot for a life time tour. so we turned it down. To me, it is a good plan with a few hour flying and then relax wholeheartedly.

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