Mixing Business with Pleasure – Upstate NY

Autumn Leaves-1In September of this year I took a trip back east. It was great because I was able to mix business with pleasure. The weather could not have been better, beautiful blue skies, soft breezes and crisp air with moderate temperatures. I found it difficult during working hours to concentrate knowing that there was so much to be enjoyed outside. The autumn leaves were just beautiful; I would say they were at their peak. There were rolling hills covered with colorful autumn flowers, fields of pumpkins and dried corn stalks. After the event I felt compelled to check out the destination further to investigate what other fascinating venues and activities existed. My plan is to incorporate some of these activities in future programs.

So off I went to check out the area. I stayed in Patterson and Pawling, NY and visited many small towns in Duchess and Putnam counties. What a treat it was to experience the quiet sleepy towns with their quaintapple orchard homes, farms, horse trails, bed and breakfast venues and cute restaurants, and oh so many apple orchards.


Vassar College AutumnI enjoyed a delightful breakfast at a crepe café in Pawling with family and friends. Patterson and Pawling are just about a 40 minute drive to the town of Poughkeepsie. I never realized there were so many interesting places and things to see and do in that area.  For starters there is beautiful Vassar College for all you liberal arts lovers. What a campus! You can attend musicalcrepes breakfast recitals and it is fun to just walk the college campus which I might add is a real treat in the autumn.


Those few days were just perfect. But like I mentioned that was just for starters, there is a lot more to share. Check out our blog next week to continue the journey in Upstate New York!


By: Lenise Fourcault

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