The Beauty of Colors – Autumn Leaves

Autumn Colors-0-2013Have you had this experience?  You attend a three day conference in a beautiful destination and most of your time is spent inside a convention center or hotel ballroom.  Or, you are at a lovely resort near the ocean, desert, or stunningly sculptured golf course and you rarely have an opportunity to appreciate your surroundings.

You might reason the main purpose for making the trip was to attend the conference. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a little time to enjoy the destination. It is exactly what I thought about recently at an event back east this Fall. I made a conscientious effort to observe some of the outdoor beauty. In this case I am making reference to the trees, one more beautiful than the other.  There was an endless array of colors. I feltP1080063 compelled a number of times to stop the car, pull off the road, and take pictures, which I was able to do while on a few site inspections. It caused the day to be a little longer but it was time well spent.  I wanted something to share with others and also keep the memories more vivid and alive.   Fall on the east coast is a very special season, filled with colors.


Autumn Colors-2-2013So the next time you are at a conference or event do like I did, take a little time to observe the beauty around you. As the expression goes, smell the roses and more importantly behold the beauty of colors starting from the moment you land at the airport, check into your hotel, visit restaurants or participate in fun activities.

It is difficult to be away from family and friends when having to attend conferences so make the best of the time away from home. Bring something back for them to enjoy.  Such images as these will make an indelible impression on them as your trip will make on you.  Enjoy the beauty of colors all around you.

By Lenise Fourcault


  1. Carolyn Crane says:

    Hi! Rosa & Lenise,

    Very pleasant expressions. Life is too short and it is truly important to take take to exhale and to enjoy the beauty of creation.

    Thank you!


  2. I don’t know how you find the time but your pictures and writing are always inspirational …. so well done! Miss you all … love, Ann

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